Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view archived/previous broadcasts

Use the sitting date calendar to find the date in question, and then click on it. Open the "Record of Proceedings (Hansard)" for that date, and then click the video camera icon next to the section of interest.

Video keeps stopping and starting (buffering)

Verify if your network connection meets the above requirements. This may be more of a problem if connecting over a mobile internet link (3G/4G) or limited speed WiFi network.

"Can't load playlist" or "Cross-domain error"

This error can sometimes be caused if the video stream is blocked (usually by a proxy server or firewall). Check with your IT department, or alternatively use a device on a different network.

"Flash Plugin failed to load" error

You will receive this error in Internet Explorer (IE) due to the decommissioning of Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately the only solution is to use an alternative browser, such as Chrome or Edge

No video, or video not starting

This can be caused by the browser security settings stopping live streaming. Sometimes pausing and restarting the video can assist, or alternatively trying a different browser.

"Cannot load M3U8" error

This could be due to loss in connection. Try closing the browser and re-loading or using a different browser/device.

Recommended System Requirements

Web Browser - PC

Web Browser - Mobile Device

Network connection

A network connection capable of at least 350kbps, and prefereably 2Mbps is required to use Parliament.TV.

Still Having Problems

If you think there is still a problem with Parliament.TV, or you can't access it on a device that meets the above specifications, use the contact page on the Parliamentary website. Please include the following information: